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Jacket of Barry Lyndon  
 The bicornuate Napoleonean cap. Gabrielle Lys.

 The bicornuate Napoleonean cap. Gabrielle Lys.
 The bicornuate Napoleonean cap. Gabrielle Lys.

dot  "Barry Lyndon", the perfect movie about esthetism of the XVIIIe century... inpired this jacket of the past with a contemporary style.

dot  The jacket has 3 legs of closing, 2 vertically legs and a one on the back of clothing. They are provided each of 2 buttons with military blazon.

dot  Its clear line is given by a absence of accessories like pockets... It is still accentuated by a assymetric zip going up to the top of left shoulder.

dot  The collar can be thus closed completely. It is held closed by a button. It can be left open and folded back on the front and a beautiful green parmenture appears. A recall of green is found on the braid of the handles and the legs.

dot  It's a light black cotton jacket for interior or summer. It does not constitute a protection against the cold or the rain. It can be weared for special events like parties, visits, theatre...
 RED HAIR: Young man with red hair in a Gothic party of PILGRIMAGE at Brussels... Coat in the Old Empire style. Gabrielle Lys. July 2007.

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