"Heaven visited Earth".
My androgynous clothing creations.
Discover more than 2500 photos, more than 100 original looks and 500 designs !

Welcome to my domain.

My name is Gabrielle.

I am computer engineer and I realized these sites on my activities and the things which are close to my heart.

Click on the photos to visit them.

See you soon !!!

 Gabrielle Lys.
"Gabrielle or the angel's jump".
Arte's documentary on the story of my life.
"Following the wind of Ardennes".
Photos of my motorbike rides.
My album currently contains 85 walks and 1908 photos.(only in French)
"Following the wind of Ardennes".
My YouTube channel dedicated to my passion for motorcycling in the Ardennes.
My fight for the Men's skirt.
"Looking for Galapiats".
My tribute to the soap opera of my childhood. (only in French)

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