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 NURSES : Cotton dress with double black and white pan . Polystyrene masks and veils of silk. Gabrielle Lys. October 14th 2010.
 XY GIRLS : XY Girls are the most beautiful. They have stars in their eyes and a mad desire to live. Gabrielle Lys. October 4, 2010.
 CELTIC BRIDE: Short dress in muslin with assymetric symbols. Hairstyle with superposion of silk veils. Gabrielle Lys. October 3th, 2009.
 DRESS OF THE PARADISE: My place with the Paradise, I leave it to you. I goes down again on Earth. Sky, I will keep on the dresses in blue satin veil. I need only them.  Gabrielle Lys November 8th, 2007.
 UNDERGROUND ZERO: New York citizen man in prayer in front of Underground Zero. White shirt, tailor 2 parts in velour with white underskirt. Wind-breaker with hood in rusts color. Overcoat. Boots, girdles and  gloves out of leather. Gabrielle Lys. Marsh 2006.
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Capes and Coats

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  Coat of the Chouan
  Coat of Marilyn
  Gothic Coat
  coat "Urban Viking"
Dresses and Jackets:

  USSR Dress-uniform
  New Wave Dress
  Urban Solstice Dress
  Sixties dress
  Jacket StarMania
  Jacket of the Black Pearl
  Jacket of Barry Lyndon
  Jacket of Mata Hari
  The small straight Jacket

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  Napoleonean Cap
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  "Red planet" dress"

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