THE DESIGNER: As the flowers are all made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew, So this old world is made brighter by the lives of folks like you [Famous Epitaph on Bonnie Parker tomb stone.]  Coat First Empire and Boots of Mars. Gabrielle Lys. November 23th, 2008.
 INDIAN PRINCESS: I'm so in love with you Dreams are like angels. The power of love Cleaning my soul Love with tongues of fire... [The power of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood] For you and your purple soul. Gabrielle Lys. January 21, 2013.
 STORM OF FOLDS: They say it is better to confess lost Consider the wide And the wind in my sail My face will still unrivaled. [Joe Lemaire]  Gabrielle Lys. June 1, 2010.
 THE AMAZON Amazons shaman carries on her back as a trophy the helmet of the  killed Spanish soldier. Forest of the Amazon. 1789. Gabrielle Lys. August 14, 2010.
 STAGE BEAUTY: In 1660, the most famous actress of England is not other than a man of the name of Edward Ned Kynaston. At that time, only the male gente is authorized to play on scene, a privilege which benefits Ned because he excels in the interpretation of the great female roles and is the most desirable woman of London... [Homage to the movie STAGE BEAUTY - 2004]  Edward Ned Kynaston wears a dress wallet out of satin to high size with draped asymmetrical long-line bra. Collar and cuffs are green silk. Gabrielle Lys. February 2, 2008.
 I AM PERFECT: Auto-portrait. Dress and Boots Gabrielle Lys. Mitten and low sticking H&M. Gabrielle Lys. July 2007.
 OTHER : And if being a woman was bound to be another ? The other which men wish, the other which the company dubs and the fashion shows... Sleeveless tunic with deep V neckline in printed viscose. Gabrielle Lys. October 3, 2010.
 THE BOOK OF DARKNESS : You will know the sorrows. And the pain that everyone shares. You taste the passion fruit. And the bitter taste of disappointment. [Jean-Louis Aubert - Puisses-Tu] Draped silk. Gabrielle Loodts. November 25th, 2014.
 THE SHAMAN OF THE 3TH MILLENIUM: black boots out of leather, warlike skirt in fabric embroidered with the colors of the clan, black mittens and bonnet out of wool, leggings, sweat and eye shadow clay of the caves, collar and braided hair Gabrielle Lys.  with talisman in feathers of eagle. Gabrielle Lys.  January 2006.
 BOY GEORGE: I had 16 years old and stays completely hypnotized by his audacity to propose new look for the guys. [Gabrielle Lys]  Boy George dressed by Gabrielle Lys. Mini dress on white blouse. Two-tone long coat out of cotton and hight hat with crowned chamanic feathers. Gabrielle Lys. December 18th, 2008.
 THE BLACK WIZARD: Because the black will never be a color as the others... He wears a dress, mitts and black hood on earrings in sharp blades. Gabrielle Lys December 15th, 2007.
 THE MERMAID : Between gothic figure and rock icon. Bodysuit in large mesh. Gabrielle Lys. September 18, 2010.
 THE MIRROR: How you to speak about her without to speak about me ? How to look at her image without seeing my reflection ? Gabrielle Lys. May 30th, 2009.
 GREEN EYED DEMON: Demons theme is featured at the Fashion Week 2015. Gabrielle Lys. March 15, 2013.
 IMPACT POINT: The Prince wears a double face spencer in woollen, a corset in taffeta metal, a dress in velour with floors of lace and the boots of Mars. Gabrielle Lys October 2007.
 SELF-PORTRAIT: Wrap out of wool, blouse in muslin, leather skirt and high boots of Russia. Gabrielle Lys. August 26th, 2009.
 XY GIRLS : XY Girls are the most beautiful. They have stars in their eyes and a mad desire to live. Gabrielle Lys. October 4, 2010.
 GABRIELLE'S ANGELS:  Each day that made God, Gabrielle plunges 365 times in the Sea of Light so that each drop of water which descends his wings can create a new Angel. [Nuruddin Ar' Raniri]  There has more than the angels to dare to wear the dresses of the 18th century. Damage isnt it ? Gabrielle Lys. November 9th, 2008.
 WIZARD: It is said to me that today, it is said to me that the others make thus.  I am not the different ones. I will seek your heart in the cold, in the flames. I will throw you fates so that you still like me. Magic formulas of the marabouts of Africa. I will say them without remorse so that you still like me. [Pour que tu m'aimes encore - Céline Dion]  The wizard wears a leather dress girdled to the size. He wears black mittens and boots. His braided hair encloses the chamanic feathers of the initiatory rite. Gabrielle Lys November 2007.
 LIKE AN INDIAN: Wrap and mittens in black wool jersey. Boots out of leather. Printed pants out of cotton. Plucks pendentive. Gabrielle Lys. Marsh 2006.
 LE CHEVALIER D'EON: True enigma of the 18th century, the Chevalier d'Eon was diplomat then secret agent. An ordinance of Louis XVI obliged him to keep wear female dress until his death… Spring 1777, the Chevalier d'Eon wears a hat to the Saint Domingue, a blouse with round low neckline on a high wrinkled skirt with great width. Gabrielle Lys. August 6th, 2008.
 COMME UNE FILLE : Je te laisserai trouver la voie Et puis je penserai comme toi Comme une fille qui voudra prendre son temps Comme si c'était la dernière fois. [Indochine - le grand secret] Gabrielle Lys. February 13th, 2014
 ANGELS : Our Father who art so old Have you really done your best ? Because on Earth and in Heaven Your angels do not get old. [Cendrillon - Téléphone] Gabrielle Lys. December 3, 2010.
 THE GREAT SECRET: Homage to Indochine.  Set constituted of maroon changing silk of Saris and satin leather into superimposed layers. Gabrielle Lys. August 24th, 2008.
 PIRATE WOMEN : Proud and warlike but always female. Felt hat. Silk skirt. Waistcoat in false fur and cotton sleeves. Gabrielle Lys. December 13th, 2009.
 RECOGNIZED BEING: There is nothing to understand And that passes the intruder Who will be not able to await Because I am only to hear them silences and when I tremble Me, I am your different If we were not from here We would be the infinite one [Tu es mon autre - Lara Fabian]  The recognized being wears thigh boots  of Gabrielle Lys and a dress wallet out of wool with short sleeves and bordered in bottom by silk muslin of Saris. Gabrielle Lys November 13th, 2007.
 AND ME I DANCE It is as a light Which slips into the black It is already the border The end of the corridor And me I dance I lost the memory [It is always a mystery - Pierre Rapsat]  Dress with great width worked in small superimposed wheels. Adjusted and round cut off blouse. Gabrielle Lys. February 3, 2008.
 WIND OF CHANGE: Female shaman with tribal dress and fake furs. Gabrielle Lys. November 6th, 2012.
 I AM PERFECT: Auto-portrait. Dress and Boots Gabrielle Lys. Mitten and low sticking H&M. Gabrielle Lys. July 2007.
 CELTIC ROOTS: 2006, the celtic culture erased by Christianity 2000 years ago reappears of its ashes in Northern Europe. The leather skirt from now on is worn by the majority of the men who honour their Celtic roots. Gabrielle Lys August 2006.
 THE CREATOR: The creator is afraid to die before to have very given of him. However he keeps the faith. To create is to change reality by a more beautiful reality. Then he becomes for a fraction of time the equal one to God. long Dress with broad cap. Gabrielle Lys. September 2007.
 PIRATE WOMEN : Proud and warlike but always female. Felt hat. Silk skirt. Waistcoat in false fur and cotton sleeves. Gabrielle Lys. December 13th, 2009.
 NIGHT IS COMING: Gabrielle Lys. May 15th, 2014.
 NO RETURN : No return, no return. I lost my love on the river. And forever my heart will yearn. Gone, gone forever. Down the River of No Return. You never return to me. No return, no return. [River of no return]. Gabrielle Lys. February 9, 2011.
 THE PRINCE: The Prince is a emblematic character of the gothic parties of Brussels. It has already been the subject of many drawings on my website. Gabrielle Lys. July 31st, 2016.
 THE SKY: We will still dream With our secrecies with our treasures We will find a sky With our paradises without end With the life as with the death [Ladyboy - INDOCHINE] Gabrielle Lys August 2007.
 BRUSSELS 2012: D'avoir tant d'envies, J'ai un souffle au coeur. [C'est une belle journée - Mylène Farmer] Perfecto in leather. fluo Pants on leather miniskirt and Brussels by night.  Gabrielle Lys. January 1, 2012.
 ROMANTIC LOVER : Cape of the Wizard on a black vinyl dress. Black suede boots. Gabrielle Lys. September 26, 2010.
 OFFICIAL RECEPTION OF STARS: The fashion of the cubism invades the official receptions of stars. Elton John with the handing-over of the music awards prices. Gabrielle Lys. Special Cubism Collection. February 2007.
 RITUAL OF THE STORM: Black shaman in leather jacket over a wide-framed dress with multi-tribal pattern. Gabrielle Lys. May 5, 2012.
 NIGHT IS COMING: Gabrielle Lys. May 15th, 2014.
 SHAMAN YEAR 2050: Set constituted of maroon changing silk of Saris and satin leather into superimposed layers. Gabrielle Lys. August 24th, 2008.
 DRESS OF THE HEART: Dress with electric fibres whose colors reflect heart of the person via the intra-human electricity. Gabrielle Lys. April 18th, 2009.
 THE PHANTOM FACE: I don't know your face no more Or feel your touch that I adore It's just a place I'm looking for [We might as well be strangers - Keane]  She wears on her white skin a dress in 3 thicknesses and a hat in translucent silk. Gabrielle Lys. November 19th, 2008.
 THE MAN WITH THE BOWLER HAT: Man with mask out of dress. Directly inspired of the the Stanley Kubrick movie 'Eyes Wide Shut'...  Gabrielle Lys. September 2007.
 RED SCROLL: Muslin dress on silk blouse with black lace. Boot Heel ice pick. Gabrielle Lys.  August 1, 2010.
 SHE IS IN LOVE: Silk dress in a skirt in layers of chiffon. Gabrielle Lys. August 8, 2011.
 3 NIGHTS A WEEK: In the room at the foot of the river, The sleeping city left alone. And in the heat and without a sound, They catch up the night. [3 nuits par semaine - Indochine] Linen coat and hat. Gabrielle Lys. November 15, 2011.

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