CORENTINE: Gabrielle Lys. July 17, 2010.
 TU VOIS : Plus rien ne nous arrivera Plus rien ne nous empêchera De nous croire, Découvrir... [Crash me - Indochine] Summer coat and hat Gabrielle Lys on a silk body. Gabrielle Lys.  Marsh 3, 2012
 THE SAD SAMOURAI: Gabrielle Lys.  August 14, 2010.
 FREE WORLD: When all is said and done, Will you remained spectator of your destiny ? Or will you jump right on it ? Do you let a more FREE WORLD after your dead ? For you to write history. For you to build your heritage. Your mind, your clothes and YOUR SKIRT. Gabrielle Lys . June 30, 2012.
 ANGEL IN THE SKY : I've tried so hard To tell myself that you're gone And though your still with me I've been alone all along. [MY IMMORTAL - Evanescence]  Crepe blouse with sleeves. Matching skirt with chiffon layers. Gabrielle Lys. May 29, 2010.
 THE HEALER : My love for the unity made me a transfer link between the plane of matter and that of light. Raffia hat. Sleeveless jacket wool cloth on a sleeveless shirt. Cotton skirt and pumps. Gabrielle Lys. May 15, 2010.
 I'M SPECIAL: Cause I gonna make you see. There's nobody else here. No one like me. I'm special so special... [Brass In Pocket - The Pretenders] Gabrielle Lys. January 18, 2012.
 MY GUIDING LIGHT : Now that old buzzard Johnny Walker, Has gone and ruined all our plans. Our best-made plans. Don't leave me here, my guiding light, 'Cause I, I, wouldn't know where to begin. [Kings Of Medicine - Placebo]  Blouse with satin flange of black and white silk. Cut out trousers of black wool crepe. Gabrielle Lys. January 28th 2010.
 NEVER LET ME GO : Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go. You have made my life complete, and I love you so. [Love me tender - Norah Jones] Gabrielle Lys. December 18, 2010
 GROUND AND FIRE: Resolutely male, the long skirt 2008 in the GROUND colors with satin jacket in FIRE color. For the complete men with their Yin and Yang!!! Gabrielle Lys. Marsh 16, 2008.
 PURE STYLE : Marilyn coat with black gloves. Gabrielle Lys. April 27 2011.
 THE WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT: You knew that the bells at the sea-bed were not a legend; but you don't managed to hear them until you understood that the wind, the gulls, the slapping of the sheets of palm trees, all that belonged to the tinkling of the bells... [Handbook of the Warrior of the Light - Paulo COELHO]  Armour with encrusted gold on a blue silk tunic and short skirt. Waist curved by a scarf with the colors of the banner and sword of the Warrior.  Gabrielle Lys. November 8th, 2008.
 I'M SPECIAL: Cause I gonna make you see. There's nobody else here. No one like me. I'm special so special... [Brass In Pocket - The Pretenders] Gabrielle Lys. January 18, 2012.
 THE PRINCE: The Prince is a emblematic character of the gothic parties of Brussels. It has already been the subject of many drawings on my website. Gabrielle Lys. July 31st, 2016.
 JOSEPHINE: 1795. Chiffon negligee. After the embargo of chiffon from India by Napoleon, France develops its textile industry. Josephine's creations are all the rage in Paris. Gabrielle Lys February 16, 2014.
 KISS: Couple on the platforms of North Station. Brussels. Gabrielle Lys. September 2007.
 KATIA : Bi-fabric body and cap. Red set of earrings and bracelets. Gabrielle Lys December 30, 2013.
 TO GO HIGHER: I hid my differences so much, under airs or pretences. I believed that others steps of dances, would hide me with the eyes of people. I never followed your roads. I wanted to trace my way. To go higher.. [Aller plus haut - Tina Arena]  To go higher, he wears a leather dress to the square shoulder pads like his ancestors of Rome and the thigh boots of Gabrielle Lys. Gabrielle Lys November 14th, 2007.
 DRESS OF THE HEART: Dress with electric fibres whose colors reflect heart of the person via the intra-human electricity. Gabrielle Lys. April 18th, 2009.
 ANGELIC... He wears high heels long time ago before Rick Owens. Leaned on a bar of the halles Saint Gery popular place of Brussels, he flaunts himself with his angelic face... With his ruffled skirt in the Mana romantic style, he remains a hunter which is waiting his hour... Gabrielle Lys. September 2007.
 THE CAPTAIN: High boots out of black leather, wool leggings, deer miniskirt, white plain Tee-shirt, short deer anthracite jacket and red velvet hat. Gabrielle Lys. 2005.
 THE CORSAIR: With the corsairs, there was not only the sea which was blue.... Pirate with raincoat in thick fabric and double skirt in crepe color blue king. Gabrielle Lys. Marsh 12, 2008.
 LA DIVA : Silk strapless dress. Silk veil Gabrielle Lys January 26, 2014.
 KILLING GABRIELLE : Communion ideas, And no regrets. Readily, Making love And become an orphan Long before the morning. [Dark - Indochine]  Gabrielle Lys. February 12th 2010.
 NATH-SAKURA: Mysterious passage. Strange place where we can be when, freed of the contingencies of our sex, we rise over the constraints of a pitifully bipolar world. [Nath-Sakura]   Nothing is given to us once for all. Nothing is inevitable. We do not have either to undergo or to make undergo what we are. The role of transgenres consists in showing that there are passages, between the sexes, between the identities, between the existences. [...] We are boatmen, at the same moment smuggled and resistant girls of the shade. [Nath-Sakura, Dualities, LP Editions, 2006]  Tribute to Nath-Sakura Gabrielle Lys December 23rd, 2007.
 BEAUTIFUL, ALL THAT...: Make me a place In your future So that I re-sift Less my memories A small place Here, now Because time passes With steps of giant I will be made new, very beautiful, all that... To be with you... [Fais moi une place - Françoise Hardy]  Boots of Mars. Swell skirt and Perfecto. Gabrielle Lys Octobre 2007.
 MAGIC WORLD: Humor, Fantasy, Imagination, Spontaneity, Authenticity, Originality, Commitment, Passion, Sensuality, Provocation, Insight, Curiosity, Alertness, Trust, Generosity and Love is the magie of our life. Gabrielle Lys Marsh 28, 2014.
 THE COMMUNIST: In 2010, the climatic changes and the oil crisis give to the style of the day public transport and equitable division of the resources. Wild capitalism is abandoned with the profit of a Communism concerned by the environment. In New York, the fashion is with the uniforms of the old USSR. Young boy in Central Park: Gabrielle Lys boots, jacket, divided skirt and cap out of cotton and gray color. Rustic buttons ivoir color. Gabrielle Lys. December 2006.
 CEREMONY : Wooden Crosses And just as the arms in our hands than you think That's me and you we'll go...  I know I shall never return ... never  [Ceremonia - Indochine]  Gabrielle Loodt. May 23, 2010.
 THE HAT : timeless and mysterious, this piece will always turn heads Gabrielle Lys. April 9, 2012
 MARIE ANTOINETTE: Queen of France at 19, she loves clothes and expensive festivities. That way benefits to the textile trade. With courage, she mounted the scaffold at the age of 37. Walking on the foot of the executioner, she says, Excuse me sir, I did not do it on purpose. This will be her last words. Gabrielle Lys. July 8, 2010.
 BLACK IS BLACK: Skirt and Tee-shirt matched out of cotton. Stockings and mitten. Boots with high soles and Gothic make-up. Gabrielle Lys. Marsh 2006.
 GEORGE SAND : George Sand is the pseudonym of Amantine Dupin. Novelist and writer, she launched the fashion of the garçonne by her male wearing and her male pseudonym in 1829. She is a great visionary of the modern world. George Sand is wearing a silk shirt on a man boiled wool constume  and a marker hat. Gabrielle Lys.  August 8, 2010.
 OFFICIAL RECEPTION OF STARS: The fashion of the cubism invades the official receptions of stars. Elton John with the handing-over of the music awards prices. Gabrielle Lys. Special Cubism Collection. February 2007.
 JUST YOU AND ME : Just you and me. Like stars. Staying alive. Try everything. Dare the dragons. And stay proud. Immerse our bodies  in the black waters. [Juste toi et moi - Indochine]Gabrielle Lys. December 16, 2012.
 THE ROMANTIC MAN: Because the black will be always the color of the man who carries a woman in his heart. Overall skirt of summer on short-sleeved shirt. Long cotton socks and ankle boots out of deer. Hat corsair. Gabrielle Lys April 2006.
 PERFECT LOOK : Bodysuit lace, boots of Archangel and leather coat. Gabrielle Lys. August 29, 2010.
 I LOVE TREES : Invocation of the shaman to the forest. Silk beaded dress. Gabrielle Lys. October 9th 2010.
 MORNING : Just a perfect day. Gabrielle Lys. May 30, 2010.
 THE DEPARTURE: One leaves towards our other star, Before withdrawing oneself, one will forget those which do not understand. If all could be true. Nothing any more will arrive to us. Nothing any more will prevent us...  [Crash me - Indochine]  To join his star, he carries a distort fur coat on a black wool dress. Gabrielle Lys November 26th, 2007.
 BAD LOVE : Bad love and bad girlS. Gabrielle Lys. November 18th, 2012.
 YOUR CHANCE: There are so many desires, so many dreams which are born from a true suffering, Which launches you and supports you, It is your chance, your appetite, your gasoline, The wound where you will come to draw the force and the impertinence, Which advances you a little further, It is your chance, your source, your dissidence, Always to prove twice as much as the others dormant of evidence, Your power will be born there... [C'est ta chance - Jean Jacques Goldman].  Thigh boots Gabrielle Lys. Dress out of jacquard with crystals. Gabrielle Lys Octobre 2007.
 THE GODNESS BACCHUS : Loosely inspired by the series TRUE BLOOD Gabrielle Lys. June 17, 2010.
 OTHER : And if being a woman was bound to be another ? The other which men wish, the other which the company dubs and the fashion shows... Sleeveless tunic with deep V neckline in printed viscose. Gabrielle Lys. October 3, 2010.
 THE STEWART: Red hair Stewart on board of Paris-Brussels Thalys. Uniform made up of a dress and thigh boots with the blue lawful color of the train. Gabrielle Lys. October 2007.
 COURTESANS : What love? The need to leave oneself. Man is an animal admirer. To adore is to sacrifice himself, to prostituer. Also any love is prostitution. [Charles Baudelaire]  On the left: Set of 3 black silk satin parts. On the right: Leather Body with lacing on the front. Gabrielle Lys. November 1th, 2009.
 THE ANIMALS FAIRY: A sad night, I lost the fairy of animals. Gabrielle Lys. November 3, 2011.
 CELTIC ROOTS: 2006, the celtic culture erased by Christianity 2000 years ago reappears of its ashes in Northern Europe. The leather skirt from now on is worn by the majority of the men who honour their Celtic roots. Gabrielle Lys August 2006.

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