NEVER LET ME GO : Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go. You have made my life complete, and I love you so. [Love me tender - Norah Jones] Gabrielle Lys. December 18, 2010
 YOUR CHANCE: There are so many desires, so many dreams which are born from a true suffering, Which launches you and supports you, It is your chance, your appetite, your gasoline, The wound where you will come to draw the force and the impertinence, Which advances you a little further, It is your chance, your source, your dissidence, Always to prove twice as much as the others dormant of evidence, Your power will be born there... [C'est ta chance - Jean Jacques Goldman].  Thigh boots Gabrielle Lys. Dress out of jacquard with crystals. Gabrielle Lys Octobre 2007.
 BROTHER AND SISTER: Satin bodice painted with a floral pattern. Long skirt formed in 4 layered. Gabrielle Lys November 17, 2013.
 INDIAN SHAMAN OF AMERICA: Wizard of the reserve of Prick Ridge, South Dakota. Skirt in skin of caribou. Head jewel in resin. Shoes with platform. Gabrielle Lys. August 2007.
 MADAME DE MONTESPAN: Favorite of King Louis XIV. In the most surprising beauty, she joined the keenest and finest mind. Madame de Montespan ridiculed many people, just to amuse the king. Her sarcasms were afraid by the courtiers. They called it : being to the sword... Gabrielle Lys. July 5, 2010.
 THE CAT-MAN: Shaman honouring the cult of Bast. Under his mask with head of cat symbol of the femininity, the defender of the home and the maternity, he detains the magic power which stimulates the love and the carnal energy. Nude, he wears a simple skirt rolls on a more becoming skirt and long leather boots. Gabrielle Lys December 22th, 2007.
 INTO THE WILD  : Wind in my hair, I feel part of everywhere Underneath my being is a road that disappeared Late at night I hear the trees, they're singing with the dead. Overhead. [Garanteed - Eddie Vedder] Adventurer in the north woods. Printed cotton robe. Wool bolero. Felt hat and leather backpack. Gabrielle Lys. January 15, 2011.
 CYBER GIRL : Fluorescent plastic. Gabrielle Lys. November 1th, 2012.
 THE WIZARD: And the man out of skirt says : speaks us about us. And the Wizard answered: To marry the suffering of the others, to see the color of the hearts, to read the Karma of the men, to feel the trees and communier with the earth mother, you, me and some others pay with our sensitivity this difficult gift. But in this world of money, profit and machines, we are the last Shamans and much men envie our freedom to be. Tease coat and skirt color of incantations. High leather boots. Gabrielle Lys April 2006.
 THE WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT : Every man in his night goes to his light. [Victor Hugo] Black caban on cashmere with Gold flaps and belt.  Skirt of the Warrior. Gabrielle Lys. August 21, 2010.
 OMBRE DE SOI, OMBRE DE SOIE: Gabrielle Lys. February 19th, 2016.
 RETURN OF THE ANGEL: He knows that the Angel of That which inspires him went to make a turn. The Warrior keeps his attention turned towards his fight, and he perseveres, even when all appears vain to him. Soon, the Angel will return and, with the simple rustle of his wings, the joy will be again there. [Handbook of the Warrior of the Light - Paulo Coelho]  The Angel of the Warrior is back. He wears a blue satin dress with deep cut off out of velvet, a helmet and an arm of armour. The dress with the armour symbolizes his identity bipolarity. He carries the crowned feather, symbol of his celestial capacity. Gabrielle Lys. February 28, 2008.
 MASKED PARTY:  Mask with fatty make-up. Gabrielle Lys. Marsh 13, 2011.
 THE DIVA: Silk strapless dress. Gabrielle Lys. October 8, 2011.
 THE WARRIOR OF LIGHT: Skirt out of velvet, sweet, girdles out of leather, collar  Gabrielle Lys, boots out of deer. Gabrielle Lys. 2005.
 THE NIGHT BIRD: The night come, he wanders in the bars of the city. White shirt with collar out of V, cotton anthracite skirt, boots of rough riding and black raincoat out of  leather. Gabrielle Lys. 2005.
 TRANSPARENCY : Back to basics, my first drawing style... Gabrielle Lys.  August 8, 2010.
 GEORGE SAND : George Sand is the pseudonym of Amantine Dupin. Novelist and writer, she launched the fashion of the garçonne by her male wearing and her male pseudonym in 1829. She is a great visionary of the modern world. George Sand is wearing a silk shirt on a man boiled wool constume  and a marker hat. Gabrielle Lys.  August 8, 2010.
 THE SHAMAN OUT OF DRESS: To be in contact with the spirit of Gaïa, the Shaman leaves his legs under the influence of the winds. Wrap in fabric with feathers of peacock and ostrich. Blue eyelid make-up. Gabrielle Lys. June 2007.
 IT'S RAINING: you can't not get out. It's raining. Gonna wet your hair... I'm thousand times better than them. To take care of your little sorrows ... [Renaud]  Winter coat 2014-2015. Gabrielle Lys. July 20, 2014.
 LA DIVA : Silk strapless dress. Silk veil Gabrielle Lys January 26, 2014.
 THE DIVA: Silk strapless dress. Gabrielle Lys. October 8, 2011.
 BE AN ANGEL : There must be an angel. Playing with my heart. I walk into an empty room And suddenly my heart goes 'boom' [There must be an angel - Eurythmics] Silk Bra top and dress. Hat and bag in feather angel Gabrielle Lys. Jully 16, 2011.
 THE END: This is the end, beautiful friend. My only friend, the end. The end of nights we tried to die. This is the end. [The end - The doors] Gabrielle Lys. August 10th, 2014.
 THE CROQUIS: Drawing  for the movie Gabrielle ou le saut de l'ange. Gabrielle Lys. July 31th, 2015.
 THE BAD BOY: Divided between the good and the evil. (Colors of M.) Gabrielle Lys July 2006.
 CELTIC ROOTS: 2006, the celtic culture erased by Christianity 2000 years ago reappears of its ashes in Northern Europe. The leather skirt from now on is worn by the majority of the men who honour their Celtic roots. Gabrielle Lys August 2006.
 THE SUN KING: Elegance of a belgian îcone of the grunge world... The Sun king reinvents the man with each one of his appearances. Boots and leather dress surmounted by a false collar Sun color gold. Gabrielle Lys. September 2007.
 THE FRONTIER RUNNER: I'll show you something good Oh I'll show you something good. When you open your mind You'll discover the sign That there's something You're longing to find... [The miracle of Love - Eurythmics]  The frontier runner wears a silk dress with leather perfecto. Gabrielle Lys. September 2007.
 NEW WAVE GIRL : Just because I keep your picture. Don't get me wrong, Don't think you've got it made. [I'm Not In Love - 10cc] Knit hat and scarf on long coat. Winter 2012-2013. Gabrielle Lys. August 4th, 2012.
 NO RETURN : No return, no return. I lost my love on the river. And forever my heart will yearn. Gone, gone forever. Down the River of No Return. You never return to me. No return, no return. [River of no return]. Gabrielle Lys. February 9, 2011.
 YOU ARE THE ONE : Look soft gothique. Seventies pefecto in jeans. Gabrielle Lys. April 25, 2012.
 NEVER SLEEP BEFORE 6 A.M.: Gabrielle Lys. February 13th, 2016.
 THE CROSS OF INDOCHINE: I traced the cross on your skin. As a caress... As an injury... With love silences on my lips. Mirages talk about you. Hard to forget what I give of myself. It is like a gift thrown to the ground. Gabrielle Lys. July 14, 2010.
 JOSEPHINE: 1795. Chiffon negligee. After the embargo of chiffon from India by Napoleon, France develops its textile industry. Josephine's creations are all the rage in Paris. Gabrielle Lys February 16, 2014.
 IMMORTAL LOVES RAIN:  Gabrielle Lys. June 6, 2010.
 AS SWANS: “As swans, As you and I, Like stars, Just you and me ...” [Juste toi et moi - Indochine] Silk wedding dress. Fitted bodice. Gabrielle Lys. October 29, 2011.
 LESBIAN PARTY: Gabrielle Lys. July 22, 2010.
 ANGEL OF PARADISE: One escape nothing Not even with his escapes When one is posed, One died. Oh I obeyed so much I chose little when small And lost time devours me [On Ira - Jean-Jacques Goldman]  To incarnate on Earth, the Angel wears an Indian jacket with silk girdle. It is opened on a short skirt. Her hair is decorated with a turban of the paradise colors. Boots in synthetic skin raised of silk laces. Gabrielle Lys. January 3th, 2009.
 PORTRAIT: Gabrielle by Gabrielle. Mai 16, 2012.
 I AM PERFECT: Auto-portrait. Dress and Boots Gabrielle Lys. Mitten and low sticking H&M. Gabrielle Lys. July 2007.
 THE PRINCE: The hair squared, the Prince is a emblematic character of the gothic parties of Brussels. Matched with deer boots, he wears a mixed silk black dress and blue fabric doubled with tulle. He wears to each wrist many black bracelets. His lipstick color blood and his black mascara accentuates the dye vampire of his white face. Gabrielle Lys. December 8th, 2008.
 THE SENTINEL: MissingSign tee-shirt, leather skirt, girdle out of leather, socks out of wool and short ankle boots Arche. Gabrielle Lys. 2005.
 EVA BRAUN : Three-piece suit in black silk satin on a red crepe shirt. Gabrielle Lys. February 29, 2012.
 ERA OF AQUARIUS: The men in search of spirituality seek from now on new clothing... the tunic is an orange dress with cap. Symbol of the new masculine, this color represents the fire in the man. Gabrielle Lys July 2006.
 THE SENTINEL: MissingSign tee-shirt, leather skirt, girdle out of leather, socks out of wool and short ankle boots Arche. Gabrielle Lys. 2005.
 MEN IN SKIRT 2012: Gabrielle Lys. May 17, 2013.
 ANGELS : Our Father who art so old Have you really done your best ? Because on Earth and in Heaven Your angels do not get old. [Cendrillon - Téléphone] Gabrielle Lys. December 3, 2010.

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