Bernadette Saint-Remi : biography 

"I wish for you dreams which never end
and the furious desire to achieve some of them".
[Jacques Brel]
                  A movie of Bernadette Saint-Remi.
                  Coproduction Triangle7 - RTBF - Arte.
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Bernadette Saint-Remi (director).
  Bernadette Saint-Remi

  Master in cinema and broadcasting.

  Bernadette Saint-Remi worked in RTBF (Belgian Radio and Television) since 1989.

  Director RTBF

TV documentaries such as:

C’est la vie! - 21’; Immersion - 52’; Ce jour-là - 90’; Devoir d’enquête, ...

  Director outside RTBF :

"Destinées" - 26’
Director documentary ext: (Wip, Gsara).
First price "festival de Wattrelos".
Selection : "festival de Nantes" and "festival pays catalans".

"No Woman’s land" - 26’
Director documentary ext (Dérives, CBA, Rtbf).
Price of the RTBF et ¨price "filmer à tout prix".

"L’homme qui ne voulait pas être fou" - 52’
Director documentary ext (Lunabluefilm, Rtbf)
with Véronique Fievet. Selection FIFF Namur (2011), Festival Eop, Récompense étoile de la Scam Paris (nov 2012)

"Gabrielle or the Angel's Fall" - 55’
portrait reflection on gender.

"Ces femmes qui changent l’Afrique" - 52’
Crossed portraits of women. In preparation in Burundi.

  Links :
  "Destinées" .
short film by Bernadette Saint-Remi.
  "L’homme qui ne voulait pas être fou"
Documentary by Bernadette Saint-Remi and Véronique Fievet.
  "No Woman's land" .
Short film by Bernadette Saint-Remi.

Gabrielle Lys.
  Gabrielle Lys

  Gabrielle is an artist. You can find here her complete Curriculum vitae.

  Gabrielle lives in Brussels. One often describes her as a "creator of universes".
  She fights against simplistic stereotypes by designing unisex male clothing with a lot of references to the military past.

  She draws characters immersed in a spiritual and shamanic revival.

  She is a fervent defender of the skirt for men and was at the forefront of this fashion during its craze in France between 2004 and 2008.

  She brought the the male boot up to date by creating several models associated with her male skirts.

  You can find Gabrielle among 100 styles and 2000 fashion pictures.

  In 2015, Gabrielle shot the documentary "Gabrielle or the Angel's Fall". The portrait of a strange woman who chose to go to the end of her choice. A sensitive subject...

  Collection Androgyne Gabrielle Lys .
Creation of androgyne clothes.
Official website Gabrielle Lys.
  MissingSign .
The skirt for man. Gabrielle Lys.
  Gabrielle Lys .
Official YouTube chanel.
  Collection Androgyne Gabrielle Lys .
Official Facebook page.
  Gabrielle or the Angel's Fall .
Official Facebook page.

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