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Boots of Russia  
 Boots of Russia. Gabrielle Lys.

 Boots of Russia. Gabrielle Lys.
 Boots of Russia. Gabrielle Lys.

dot  Under Henri IV, the fashion seized the long boots out of leather of Russia. One put oneself on any occasion. They went up as high as possible and married the shape of the thigh. It is reported that the marquis de Nolay, to be able to thread them, had to soak his feet in water during more than one hour...

dot  Round, narrow and hurled, it was especially drawn to be accompanied by a skirt.

dot  In black, it is harmonized with all your colors.

dot  Doubled leather make of it really a shoe of quality.

dot  Built from your foot borrows and provided with a lace of tightening, it is adjusted perfectly with your leg. High to the thigh with a sole in 3 thicknesses, this boot stretches your legs ad infinitum. It thus makes it possible to wear a short or mini skirt with much of elegance.
 Boots of Russia. Gabrielle Lys.

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