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 J'ATTENDS MON AGE: J'attends mon âge, Avec toi. Et sauve moi encore, Aide moi. Embrasse moi encore, A nouveau. [Little dolls - Indochine] Gabrielle Lys.  November 11, 2015.
 WHERE IS MY MIND: With your feet in the air. And your head on the ground. Your head will collapse. [Where is my mind - Placebo]  Black leggings and Champagne. Gabrielle Lys. May 15th, 2009.
 THE MAKER OF STARS: When I die, I will be maker of stars which I will deposit each night on all the people that I love...  Dress in stars dust. Gabrielle Lys. March 5th, 2009.
 WANTED: Audacities assumed in heels, printed electrified and luxates intensive. Make-up Gabrielle Lys inspired of Tim Burton movies. Black leather tee-shirts superimposed. Skirt in printed form coloured on tulle of several thicknesses. Gabrielle Lys. October 10th, 2008.
 WINDOW : Each of us have a opened window somewhere... Gabrielle Lys december 15, 2013.
 THE ARTIST: When we are cheating for the beautiful, we are artist. [Max Jacob] He wears a black shirt Levis on a silk dress color salmon, leggings with boots of Gabrielle Lys. July 2007.
 PRIESTESS : Love is the fruit mixture and the visit. Exchange and magic. They are unwanted, are not determined, they are shared energy. Complicated?  Chinese silk dress Gabrielle Lys. May 8, 2010.
 IT'S YOU : It's you. It's me. These are the women. Gabrielle Lys. May 28, 2010.
 INNOCENCE RECOVER: Innocence recover, without losing experiences. Gabrielle Lys. September 16th, 2014.
 NEW FEMININITY: viscose printed shirt on a fine mesh body. Bonet and bead necklace in black. Gabrielle Lys. October 15, 2010.
 THE KISS: She, she wears a very nice female tee-shirt, a jean with pieces of fabric and ankle boots with high heels. He, he carries Gabrielle Lys leather sandals for man, a skirt in thick fabric on two thicknesses and a tee-shirt color rusts-warrior. She never forgets her ears rings. He never forgets his scarf in his hair. One evening, they met... Gabrielle Lys April 2006.
 STAGE BEAUTY: In 1660, the most famous actress of England is not other than a man of the name of Edward Ned Kynaston. At that time, only the male gente is authorized to play on scene, a privilege which benefits Ned because he excels in the interpretation of the great female roles and is the most desirable woman of London... [Homage to the movie STAGE BEAUTY - 2004]  Edward Ned Kynaston wears a dress wallet out of satin to high size with draped asymmetrical long-line bra. Collar and cuffs are green silk. Gabrielle Lys. February 2, 2008.
 THE MAN IN WHITE: Long coat out of wool, cotton tee-shirt, miniskirt out of jean and wool leggings. Gabrielle Lys. 2005.
 SHAMAN FEATHER: Year 2013. The Shaman wears a dress representing his female-spiritual. He carries the red feather, symbol of his authority in the community. Gabrielle Lys October 2007.
 GROSS INK LOOK: Gabrielle Lys October 19, 2013.
 THE BOOK OF DARKNESS : You will know the sorrows. And the pain that everyone shares. You taste the passion fruit. And the bitter taste of disappointment. [Jean-Louis Aubert - Puisses-Tu] Draped silk. Gabrielle Lys. November 25th, 2014.
 THE NIGHT OPENS ITS WINDOWS: Gabrielle Lys. December 15th, 2015.
 LOLITA : Satin dress, silk scarf and blue hair. Gabrielle Lys. December 2th, 2012.
 BIRDY : As Birdy, she is introverted, thoughtful, asocial, freedom-loving and the desire to fly. She wears a mask with ostrich feathers and is interested only as to the world of birds. Gabrielle Lys. April 21 2011.
 PURPLE MAN : Warrior Skirt and Matrix coat in purple color. Gabrielle Lys. September 12, 2010.
 IMAGINE MOI : Silk strapless dress. Gabrielle Lys. June 25, 2011.
 SELF-PORTRAIT : Winter's cityside, Crystal bits of snowflakes, All around my head and in the wind, I had no illusions. That I'd ever find a glimpse Of summer's heatwaves in your eyes You did what you did to me, Now it's history I see, Here's my comeback on the road again. [Big In Japan - Alphaville] Gabrielle Lys. February 6, 2011.
 WIND OF CHANGE: Female shaman with tribal dress and fake furs. Gabrielle Lys. November 6th, 2012.
 THE CRY : Sheath dress with drag out of velvet. V-neck. Gabrielle Lys. January 10th 2010.
 NIGHT'S DOORS: Do you know the doors of the evening Which are crying inside girls Legs apart Eyes which shine ? [Les portes du soir - Indochine] Crepe blouse with sleeves. Matching skirt with chiffon layers. Gabrielle Lys. February 5, 2011.
 THE KISS: She, she wears a very nice female tee-shirt, a jean with pieces of fabric and ankle boots with high heels. He, he carries Gabrielle Lys leather sandals for man, a skirt in thick fabric on two thicknesses and a tee-shirt color rusts-warrior. She never forgets her ears rings. He never forgets his scarf in his hair. One evening, they met... Gabrielle Lys April 2006.
 THE KIA: New York - Summer 2010. Jo walks his hyena in Central Park. The Kia, new synthetic semi matter, semi rubber carves skirts and boots in moving circles. Gabrielle Lys. Special Cubism Collection. February 2007.
 MY NEXT LIFE: But if you don't change your situation Then you'll die. Don't die. Please don't die... [Commercial for Levi - Placebo]  Gabrielle since the beginning, and without scars, will create the fashion of the mauve hair and the cow-boy hats. Gabrielle Lys. August 15th, 2009.
 3 NIGHTS A WEEK: In the room at the foot of the river, The sleeping city left alone. And in the heat and without a sound, They catch up the night. [3 nuits par semaine - Indochine] Linen coat and hat. Gabrielle Lys. November 15, 2011.
 GABRIELLE'S ANGELS:  Each day that made God, Gabrielle plunges 365 times in the Sea of Light so that each drop of water which descends his wings can create a new Angel. [Nuruddin Ar' Raniri]  There has more than the angels to dare to wear the dresses of the 18th century. Damage isnt it ? Gabrielle Lys. November 9th, 2008.
 BLACK POWER: The black will be never a color like others... Jacket, skirt and boots out of black leather. Black sticking and boots for man on sale on Gabrielle Lys Gabrielle Lys. September 2007.
 MIRAGE: Sometimes reflections pass throuh the Doors from on the other world and I see their shadows in the street. Gabrielle Lys. February 5th 2017.
 DUST: Dust of my feminine ideal. Gabrielle Lys. July 6, 2014.
 THE CROSS OF INDOCHINE: I traced the cross on your skin. As a caress... As an injury... With love silences on my lips. Mirages talk about you. Hard to forget what I give of myself. It is like a gift thrown to the ground. Gabrielle Lys. July 14, 2010.
 KATIA : Bi-fabric body and cap. Red set of earrings and bracelets. Gabrielle Lys December 30, 2013.
 SHAMAN YEAR 2050: Set constituted of maroon changing silk of Saris and satin leather into superimposed layers. Gabrielle Lys. August 24th, 2008.
 IT'S RAINING: you can't not get out. It's raining. Gonna wet your hair... I'm thousand times better than them. To take care of your little sorrows ... [Renaud]  Winter coat 2014-2015. Gabrielle Lys. July 20, 2014.
 THE MANGA: He knows that he gives to the others the appearance of an animated manga. But he projects human being towards the perfect one, the godlike beauty... and he meets God at each crossroads.... From now on, he fixes the horizon at far with determination. His life is a heaventy search. Gabrielle Lys. November 2006.
 THE SAD SAMOURAI: Gabrielle Lys.  August 14, 2010.
 THE MAN OF THE THIRD MILLENIUM: The Dress symbolizes the nobility of the knight for its aspect coat of mail and spirituality for its female look out of small encrusted mirrors. The men of the third millenium are there!  The man of the 3ième millenium carries the boots of Mars Gabrielle Lys, a dress out of encrusted mirrors, a leather belt and mittens. Gabrielle Lys November 2007.
 NEON GIRL: Gray tweet jacket and skirt. Gabrielle Lys. December 18, 2011.
 PIGALLE 1900 NIGHT:Between the belle époque and the Roaring Twenties... Gabrielle Lys January 21, 2014
 THE SINGER:: he poses for journalists on the edge of terrace of the Metropole hotel in Brussels. He wears a pleated blue sky skirt and a yellow tee-shirt in stretch. For these first days of spring, the color of its wind-breaker and its ankle boots is last cry in luxury shops of the Louise avenue. Gabrielle Lys April 2006.
 SOMEONE SOMEWHERE: There is someone somewhere. Gabrielle Lys. January 27th, 2016.
 UNREAL PERFECTION : Dress in black & red double-sided crepe Gabrielle Lys. September 28, 2010.
 SUMMER 2007: Man out of skirt with the colors of the summer. Gabrielle Lys. May 2007.
 WE CAN ALWAYS DREAM If I'm crazy of wind If I'm in love with him It is blowing on the present You know it hurts to want to be happy. [On peut toujours rêver - Patxi] Chiffon blouse with velvet collar and long matching skirt.  Gabrielle Lys. August 11, 2010.
 THE MESSENGER: Gabrielle reduced on your heart this revelation which declares veracious the former messages and which is used as guide and happy annonce  The angel has an orange hair and skirt with wheels into 4 thickness on a curved jacket tailor. He wears the Boots of Archange. Gabrielle Lys. October 18, 2008.

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