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 I ADMIRE YOU :  secretly... Gabrielle Lys. December 31, 2010
 SPIRIT OF THE FOREST: I was running like crazy in the meadows. There was nothing to stop me. I was doing little to pass through the barbed wire fences. So I rushed from the hills to hit the high grass near. [Amida - Gabrielle Lys] Printed cotton dress and fedora hat. Gabrielle Lys. August 4, 2011.
 WITHOUT FACE : Coat on a bodysuit in a fine mesh. High boots in canvas.  Gabrielle Lys. September 18, 2010.
 THE MAN WITH THE BOWLER HAT: Man with mask out of dress. Directly inspired of the the Stanley Kubrick movie 'Eyes Wide Shut'...  Gabrielle Lys. September 2007.
 ROPE DANCER: If I must fall from top That my fall is slow I found the rest Only in the indifference I would like to find innocence But nothing has direction, and nothing goes [Disillusioned - Mylène farmer]  On the border of this bipolar world, he wears a t-shirt with large cut off and a gipsy skirt with broad folds to the front one. Gabrielle Lys. February 27, 2008.
 THE GODDESS: And then to sacrifice herself. And then crucifier herself. Without homage. And then to remain hidden. [Marilyn - Indochine]  Marilyn wears a dress out of silk and the boots of Archangel with the color of femininity. Gabrielle Lys. May 16th, 2009.
 RED HAIR : The girl with red hair for Millos. Gabrielle Lys. May 24th, 2015.
 THE CROQUIS: Drawing  for the movie Gabrielle ou le saut de l'ange. Gabrielle Lys. July 31th, 2015.
 ANGEL: Suicidal people are just angels who want to go home. [unknown] Gabrielle Lys. Marsh 27th, 2015.
 THE CAT-MAN: Shaman honouring the cult of Bast. Under his mask with head of cat symbol of the femininity, the defender of the home and the maternity, he detains the magic power which stimulates the love and the carnal energy. Nude, he wears a simple skirt rolls on a more becoming skirt and long leather boots. Gabrielle Lys December 22th, 2007.
 FREE WORLD: When all is said and done, Will you remained spectator of your destiny ? Or will you jump right on it ? Do you let a more FREE WORLD after your dead ? For you to write history. For you to build your heritage. Your mind, your clothes and YOUR SKIRT. Gabrielle Lys . June 30, 2012.
 MADAME DU BARRY: King Louis XV, age 58 years, wanted to make this young woman 25 years his new official favorite. She played the role of patron, helping to develop and promote French art. She was declared an enemy of the Revolution and be guillotined. Her last words to the executioner were, Pray, Mr. Executioner, a little while.... Gabrielle Lys. July 12, 2010.
 LIKE A BOY : Hat of wool. Wind-breaker out of turned over sheep. Trousers vintage and compensated shoes. Gabrielle Lys. November 22th, 2009.
 OTHER : And if being a woman was bound to be another ? The other which men wish, the other which the company dubs and the fashion shows... Sleeveless tunic with deep V neckline in printed viscose. Gabrielle Lys. October 3, 2010.
 CELTIC ROOTS: 2006, the celtic culture erased by Christianity 2000 years ago reappears of its ashes in Northern Europe. The leather skirt from now on is worn by the majority of the men who honour their Celtic roots. Gabrielle Lys August 2006.
 MARS 2030: First permanent station on Mars in 2030. Prescribed uniform during operating hours: black suit for women and red dress for men. Gabrielle Lys. July 21, 2014.
 NEW CINDERELLA : Silk dress in a skirt in several layers of cheesecloth. Wide neck with dating collar. Gabrielle Lys. April 10, 2010.
 THE TRAIN'S DRIVER: He connects Adelaide to Darwin by Alice Springs. 47 hours of voyage, 2 nights on board and 2979 km through Outback.... Gabrielle Lys September 2006.
 THE MAN WITH THE HAT: Boots out of black leather, sacking miniskirt, black Tee-shirt, waistcoat in young cow, hat 1900, fun bangle. Gabrielle Lys. 2005.
 THE MAN WITH THE COAT: Gabrielle Lys. 2005.
 ANGEL AND DEMON : I was alone, falling free, Trying my best not to forget, What happened to us, what happened to me, What happened as I let it slip, Forgetting names and faces, Passers by were looking at me, As if they could erase it. [Meds- Placebo]  Gabrielle Lys. December 20th, 2009.
 KATIA : Bi-fabric body and cap. Red set of earrings and bracelets. Gabrielle Lys December 30, 2013.
 BRING IN THE LIGHT : Dress Long Tail in shades of pink and purple. Satin silk with round neckline.  Gabrielle Lys. February 19th 2010.
 PRIESTESS : Love is the fruit mixture and the visit. Exchange and magic. They are unwanted, are not determined, they are shared energy. Complicated?  Chinese silk dress Gabrielle Lys. May 8, 2010.
 STOLEN PICTURE : Mirror's morning. Gabrielle Lys. September 12th, 2012.
 CYBER GIRL : Fluorescent plastic. Gabrielle Lys. November 1th, 2012.
 SHAMAN FLUIDS : The female shaman creates her own reality by how she chooses to perceive the outside world. Wool dress. Jersey pullover and long scarf, made of wool. Gabrielle Lys. August 22, 2010. long scarf, made of wool
 J'ATTENDS MON AGE: J'attends mon âge, Avec toi. Et sauve moi encore, Aide moi. Embrasse moi encore, A nouveau. [Little dolls - Indochine] Gabrielle Lys.  November 11, 2015.
 INDIAN PRINCESS: I'm so in love with you Dreams are like angels. The power of love Cleaning my soul Love with tongues of fire... [The power of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood] For you and your purple soul. Gabrielle Lys. January 21, 2013.
 SUMMER 2007: Man out of skirt with the colors of the summer. Gabrielle Lys. May 2007.
 LONG DRESS: Long dresses for all boys equipped like my been engaged The great shock for most vicious it is soon hunting for the witches ambiguous until the retina [Le 3ième sexe - INDOCHINE] Gabrielle Lys August 2007.
 BANGLADESH GIRL Bangladeshi women are exploited as a local labor at low cost without safety standards and social rights by Western textile industry. Gabrielle Lys. April 28, 2013.
 PURE STYLE : Marilyn coat with black gloves. Gabrielle Lys. April 27 2011.
 RED HAIR : The girl with red hair for Millos. Gabrielle Lys. May 24th, 2015.
 CINDERELLA : Cinderella sees end of her life. Lights dance in her ambulance. But she kills her last chance. All this has no more importance. End of story. [Cendrillon - Téléphone] Dress asymmetrical with integrated body  in stretch silk tulle and ostrich feathers. Gabrielle Lys. December 14, 2010.
 MADAME DE MONTESPAN: Favorite of King Louis XIV. In the most surprising beauty, she joined the keenest and finest mind. Madame de Montespan ridiculed many people, just to amuse the king. Her sarcasms were afraid by the courtiers. They called it : being to the sword... Gabrielle Lys. July 5, 2010.
 THE LOOK OF SHAMAN:  Gabrielle Lys. June 05, 2010.
 THE GANGSTER: With his Borsalino, one could have believed in Al Capone but he wears a skirt in silk muslin on boots out of leather. We are in New York, Winter 2007. The shouldered jacket is in black woollen article. Gabrielle Lys October 2007.
 NERVES UPSIDE DOWN: Born into a world which made us born with nerves upside down . Gabrielle Lys. May 22, 2014.
 SOPHISTICAL ANDROGYNE: His dress tells how to wake up with art, freedom, to be oneself. It expresses the primitive power of clothing and the identity.  Superposition dared of a wool dress on lace underskirt with boots and collar of Fluo Pop color.  Gabrielle Lys. February 1, 2008.
 THE BLACK SHAMAN: The Black Shaman is in communication with her Magic Tree. Gabrielle Lys. September 21th, 2009.
 GABRIELLE'S ANGELS:  Each day that made God, Gabrielle plunges 365 times in the Sea of Light so that each drop of water which descends his wings can create a new Angel. [Nuruddin Ar' Raniri]  There has more than the angels to dare to wear the dresses of the 18th century. Damage isnt it ? Gabrielle Lys. November 9th, 2008.
 BRIAN MOLKO : My sweet prince, You are the one. Me and my valuable friend, Can fix all the pain away. So before I end my day, Remember. My sweet prince,You are the one. [My sweet prince - Placebo] Bodysuit lace and wool coat. Gabrielle Lys. September 4, 2010.
 HUMAN OF CLAY: Gabrielle Lys. December 11th, 2015.
 MEN IN SKIRT 2012: Gabrielle Lys. May 17, 2013.
 THE PHANTOM FACE: I don't know your face no more Or feel your touch that I adore It's just a place I'm looking for [We might as well be strangers - Keane]  She wears on her white skin a dress in 3 thicknesses and a hat in translucent silk. Gabrielle Lys. November 19th, 2008.
 LOVE YOU: Marilyn from a photo by Bert Stern. Gabrielle Lys. November 5, 2011.
 CARINE : Straw hat and silk dress with colors printed. Gabrielle Lys. Jully 16, 2011.

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